Mr.Chandramouli team

Mr.Chandramouli team enjoy shooting in Thailand

Mr.Chandramouli team
Mr.Chandramouli team

Mr. Chandramouli team including Gautham Karthik, Sathish, Regina are in Thailand for the shoot of two songs. The film’s producer talked about the release plans and schedule wrap.

Dhananjeyan says, “ The talkie portion of ‘Mr.Chandramouli is over and has come out wonderfully well. Out of 4 songs in the movie we have already completed the shooting of two of them. For the remaining two songs our team went around for location hunt and finally fixed Thailand as the destination. One will be a romantic song and the other will be an energetic pub song. First one is to be shot in Krabi and the other song will shot in Bangkok. Though they are holiday destinations the work commitment shown by the team surprised the locals to a larger extent. The celebration of hard work on a holiday is unimaginable. Our team showed great commitment in executing the plans that were scheduled. We have planned to start the post-production immediately after this shoot and want to get the movie ready as soon as possible.The sudio rights are procured by Sony Music and the Audio release will be around the second week of April. The audience can be assured of a Summer treat as we are contemplating a May first week release”

‘Mr.Chandramouli’ has the music of Sam CS, the cinematography of Richard M Nathan, editing of T S Suresh and art direction of Jackie.
Actors Santhosh Prathap, director Mahendran, director Ahathian, Sathish, Viji Chandrasekhar, Jagan and ‘Mime’ Gopi are playing important character roles in ‘Mr.Chandramouli’


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