More Trouble For Prabhu Deva, Nayantara

Nayantara - Prabhu Deva

It is trouble time for choreographer-actor Prabhu Deva and his love interest Nayantara. Ever since Prabhudeva confessed that he was in a relationship with actress Nayanthara and would be marrying her, his wife, Ramlath @ Latha has been hitting back at him.

Ramlath had filed a petition for restitution of conjugal rights and later filed another petition seeking a stay on Prabhu and Nayan’s marriage before the issue is resolved by the court of law. She also sought the court’s intervention in preventing Nayan and Prabhu from posing for photographs and addressing the media together.

Based on these petitions the Court had ordered Nayan and Prabhu Deva to appear today (October 19, 2010), but both were not available till 11:30 AM in the court premise, making a note of this the judge has asked  summons to be sent to both the actors. The Court has also advised ‘Nadigar Sangam’ to send a summon to Nayanthara as she has not been traceable for some time now. It has further said that Nayan and Prabhu Deva must appear before the judges on November 23, 2010 when the case is taken up again.

Meanwhile in the Maanada mayilaada season 5 grand finale held  last weekend  at Abhu Dhabi the chief  guest of the function were prabhu and Nayan. You can watch it on Oct 24th  telecast on kalaignar TV. Also  we hear from close sources is  that Nayanthara and Prabhu deva have reportedly made arrangements for ‘special pooja’ and ‘yagna’ at the Kalahasti Temple in Andhra Pradesh, the Rahu-kethu Kshetram to ward-off the ‘ill effects’ that might have befallen them in getting united.



  1. Awsome

    Yeah!! 9thara is same age as me. so, when prabhu’s 1st movie came she would have  been 10 years old. gosh!!! that man is too old for her. nearly like her chittappa.

    he looks like one gorila, look at their body language.

  2. Awsome

    look like this media is encouraging and entertaining these two horny beasts. see the tamil cinima industry gave them “best hodi awards” they been invited to judge the dance seasons, then shez sponsored by pothys, and they both invited to dubai to host progs.

    i just hate lookng at them. so irritating. gives us a feel like we are watching 2 stray dogs hooking up in streets. so embarrassing.

    athungaluku vekama iruko illayo ithungala paakaravangaluku kusuthu.

  3. sashi

    r u supporting d western culture???r u insane…WESTERNS HAVE NO CULTURE!!more and more westerners r coming East to  look for marriage partners coz they know  we r a cultured lot who respect rites ,rituals,customs,beliefs,elders..etc..Divorce is a way of life for d westerners..NOT FOR US!!!they like ,they sleep,they love,they marry,hav kids,they dont like,they divorce,then they marry again n again n again …!its a cycle!!rotten lifestyle..!

  4. sashi

    If they do get married,it wil b a marriage made in HELL!!!!!!!it will b a cursed marriage!!!it wont last!!!!!!!!

  5. Vasin

    India’na sambar vittu sothappy than saapdanuma? Baked Beans’a alaga spoon’ala saapda koodatha? Muttal’a nee? 

  6. Vasin

    Hey Sash.

    I am a Thamil supremacist. In the last 7 years I have involved in 3 fisticuffs with racist whites including once my left hand going inept for 6 months. No one needs to doubt doubt my loyalty to us.

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