naan-ee-movie Santhanam Samantha

Money fraud case filed against Santhanam

naan-ee-movie Santhanam Samantha

A case of cheating of money to the tune of Rs.10 lakhs has been filed against Santhanam with the Greater Chennai Commissionerate of Police. 42-year old Ravikishen, an ice-factory owner who is a resident of Uthandi on the outskirts of Chennai, has filed the case with the city police commissioner Tripathy accusing Santhanam of cheating him to the tune of Rs.10 lakh.

In his complaint submitted to the commissioner, Ravi Kishan has said that “I owned a bungalow in my name at the Ulvai Street in Virugambakkam. Santhanam, who wanted to acquire the property at a cost which was far below the market rate, got the property registered in his name for Rs.1.85 crores after intimidating me and my father, though the property was valued at 2.25 crore.

“The registration of the above-said property was done on 10.3.2010. However, after the registration of the property, Santhanam backtracked on his commitment to pay Rs.1.85 crores and paid me only Rs.1.75 crores. He said he’d give the balance of Rs.10 lakh at a latter date. He then gave me a cheque for Rs.2.5 lakhs which was returned by the bank for want of funds.

“My repeated please to him to return the amount of Rs.10 lakh were met either with no responses or with him threatening to ‘finish me off’. He had also taken away by force many house-hold items from my house valued at Rs.10 lakhs. I, therefore, request you to take appropriate action to get me my due money and other items,” the complaint concluded.


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