‘Mittai’ story – One lady marries two guys concept

'Mittai' Sathosh, Prabha and Maya Unni
Santhosh, Prabha and Maya Unni in ‘Mittai’ movie

‘Mittai’ is an upcoming film which is being directed by director Anbu, who once worked as an assistant of Bharathi Raja. The film has all the reasons to cause quite a stir in the hearts of conventional people as the posters of the movie ‘Mittai’ suggest that it weaves the story of a woman who gets married to two men at the same time. Actors Santhosh, Prabha and Maya Unni are playing the lead roles in ‘Mittai’.

According to director Anbu, some cultural organisations have started protesting against his film as the story of relationship between one girl and two boys is against our culture. The director also claimed that he has been receiving death threats over the phone.

However, he emphasized that the film will not disturb anybody and even went on to add that the film is socially responsible.

“In fact, the lead role was written for Surya, who initially agreed to work on this project. However, due to unavoidable circumstances, he couldn’t play the role.”

“When I released a few posters of the film on Independence Day (August 15) which showed the heroine getting married to both the heroes at a time, members of certain organisations felt offended. I told those who had opposed to the idea that it was inappropriate to come to a conclusion without watching the film. I can assure that Mittai wouldn’t showcase Tamil culture in poor light,” he says.

The director has also come up with a novel way to decide on the ending of the film. According to him, the contest would start right after 75% of the film is completed. The shortlisted contestants would have to write the ending of the story after seeing the incomplete movie.

The person who comes up with the best ending for the film would be presented with gold mittai’s worth 1 lakh of rupees. “Interestingly, many have praised us too for the novel initiative”, Anbu adds.

Guys!!!Are you ready to decide the ending of the film?



  1. kk

    dropadi had five husbands…apo mattum baya bhakthiya mahabharatahamnu sollitu, eppo rendu husbandna porattama!!!! ada pongada!!!!

  2. ridda

    finally i am happy…seeing a woman have 2 husbands in a movie….usually it's always husbands with multiple wives!!! lol

  3. Sri

    A woman having two husbands was in our culture, it was generally two brothers marrying a woman, it is also in Nepali culture. Even if it was not in our culture what is wrong???? 🙂

  4. english

    good story . but i don`t the girl should marry the 2mens maybe she can of the guy and the other want to marry the guy who the girl loved can be killed at the end something like it will be nice …………………………………………………………. 🙂 :* 🙂

  5. justlikethat

    you can introduce surya as a special artist,who marry the girl at the end and alwa for remaining 2 guys 🙂

  6. panu

    now, if it was one guy marrying two girls, it wouldn't be serious, would it? even house wives has started accepting it…look @ all the serials now…bs! isn't that LITERALLY spoiling the culture?!

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