Meera Jasmine Enterprenuer

Meet Meera Jasmine, the unsuspecting entrepreneur

Meera Jasmine Enterprenuer

Many actors and actresses in film industry indulge in other businesses not only to earn more but to save for the time(s) when they fall out of favour with the producers, directors and the movie-goers. National award-winning actress Meera Jasmine is one such artiste who is among those artistes who make big money without making much of a splash.

Meera has starred opposite almost all the big stars in Tamil including Vijaykanth, Vijay, Ajith, Vishal and Madhavan. Her role in Lingusamy’s Run opposite Madhavan a few years back was liked a lot by the movie-goers resulting in the film becoming a super-hit. While she does all kinds of roles in Tamil films, almost all her Malayalam movies are substantial ones and are character-drivern.

Besides the coveted national award for ‘best actress’, Meera has also in her kitty the prestigious Kalaimaamani awards given away by the Govt. of Tamil Nadu. An unknown side of the actress has come to the fore with reports saying that the competent actress is equally adept in business too and has invested as much as she can in buying properties like lands and houses.

Instead of investing directly, Meera has found a clever way of earning profits. She has reportedly purchased many bungalows and palatial houses in important cities in all the Southern States of Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and her native Kerala and has either rented them out or leased them out, which has assured a ‘huge’ and steady income to her.

Why can’t an actress make money by other means?


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  1. usha

    gd for her.. she’s smart and knows that an actress wont always be in demand and needs other business to make a living.. others should follow her ways too.. 🙂

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