Meera Jasmine to marry Mandolin U Rajesh

Meera Jasmine to marry Mandolin U Rajesh
Mandolin Rajesh – Meera Jasmine

Meera Jasmine, a well-known face across all the four south Indian film industries, has won several awards and has been appreciated for her performance in many films like Run, Ayutha Ezhuthu etc.

Here’s the latest on actress, she may soon tie the knot with renowned musician Mandolin U Rajesh(brother of Mandolin Srinivas), her long time boy friend.

Apparently, from a long time the buzz was on that the talented actress Meera Jasmine and Rajesh have been seeing each other and marriage was just around the corner but sources close to both had denied the news.

Now Rajesh finally confirmed his relationship with the actress in public, while participating in a television programme along with his illustrious brother Mandolin Srinivas. Rajesh said, “I am ready to settle down and marry Meera Jasmine. It’s up to Meera to decide whether she wants to act or not post wedding.”.

“Our parents have supported Rajesh’s decision”, told by his brother Mandolin Srinivas, the well-known renowned musician.

Now that the news is confirmed, we can expect the marriage bells ringing soon.



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