Meera Jasmine Fined Rs.25 lakhs

meera jasmine

When something gets wrong, everything tends to go away from our reach. Meera Jasmine has already been involved in some controversies and now the court has subjected her to a penalty.

Meera Jasmine has acted in Tamil films like ‘Run’, ‘Sandaikozhi’ and ‘Pudhiya Geethai.’. She is presently acting in ‘Penn Singam’ and ‘Malayur Mampattiyan’. A famous jewellery store in Kerala conducts star studded cultural festival every year. They usually pay hefty sums to actors and actresses to participate in this gala event.

About 5 years back, Meera Jasmine was invited to participate in their function for which they paid her 1.5 lakhs. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Meera Jasmine could not participate in the function, but she did not return the advance amount paid to her. So the jewellery store filed a case and after 5 years of the case going on, a verdict has finally been reached.

Meera Jasmine has to pay the store Rs.25 lakhs along with the advance money she had taken from them 5 years back.



  1. Anonymous

    Keeping up the words is more important otherwise they should not have committed to Jewellery's shop. Shop owners might have spent lot on advertisements etc, also it is kind of advertisement to shop owners to case so people will know more about the shops.

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