Meenu Karthika another Mallu kutty

Meenu Karthika

Meenu Karthika is the latest import from God’s own country. The actress who is just one film old in Malayalam and has also done a film in Tollywood is now she is making her debut in Tamil with Aarvam.

Sathya and Sanjay, who were introduced in a film called Padagasalai, will play the lead.

Talking about her role, Meenu says, “It’s a triangular love story and I can proudly say the narrative revolves around my character. In a way it is a heroine-oriented script. I am very thrilled to bag a significant role in my very first Tamil film. My comfort level with the two heroes was high.

Meenu says that although she has one more Tamil flick, Surangani, in the pipeline, Aarvam under Adhithyan’s direction will be the first to hit the marquees.

The film is based on a real-life incident that happened in Madurai. “It’s a romantic thriller,” the director discloses. Anil D. produces the film and Roni Raphael composes the tunes.


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