Meenakshi to turn Vegetarian this new year


‘Mandhira Punnagai’ actress Meenakshi has made up her mind for this coming New Year.The Bengali beauty is quite content with her offers in Kolly town and neither does she wish to go slim pants in 2011.

Instead she yearns to turn vegetarian this New Year. “I have always been wanting to give up on the meaty stuff for the past two years but it dint’ work out somehow. But now I have promised myself to go green from this year on.”

When we further inquired about this sudden change of mind, this is what she had to say “Firstly vegetarian food provides you with all necessary nutrients and secondly I doubt whether the slaughtered souls rest in peace inside my tummy, there is always a guilty feeling after I consume some Non-veg.”

The starlet also had an interesting story to tell as she disclosed “I always wanted to own a pet.”

She pleaded for a dog but her parents felt otherwise, as they were thought with the shootings on schedule she couldn’t take care of her dear friend. Interestingly her mother got her some chicks and finally when they grew up they were sold away, a fact the actress regrets to this day.

That’s a sweet New Year resolution for sure.

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  1. Vasin

    Dei fan enna ketta vaartha illama comment adikara! Kuppathlernthu veliyeritiya?

    Dei Tron Neen innum Kovathande than ikiya?

  2. Vasin

    Aaaa innoru fool! 5000 varshama vegetable saapidarathale thaan a few thousands of British were able to invade and occupy the whole India. It is why we are not able to run for 90 minutes to be any good in football. It is why we are not able to get an athletic gold in olympics. It is why we are not able to match the West in anything. Fundamental to anything is energy. You have to eat meat big time to become equals to West. 

  3. Tanya

    I fail to understand where we Indians are ending up. The way Indian actress dress these days is yuck. In UAE prostitutes dress far better than our Indian actress.

  4. Vasin

    Yeah. Socially we have not moved forward. Zero progress. Discipline illa. Padikumpothu sentences’a capital letters’oda start pannanum’nu solli koduthanga. Inga yaaravathu atha follow panrangala? English’a porati poduranga. Even educated Indians kooda apdithaan. Ithu mugyam illa’nu easy’a ignore panneeduvanga. Thangloda veeta paarthukuvanga road’a ignore panneeduvanga Nedi thaanga mudiyathu.

  5. m

    English is just a language. Just because you have command over  a language, it does not mean you are smart. Just my thought. Look at the Chinese,(any asian for that matter), they cant speak proper english, but they are really brainy.

  6. Vasin

    Hi @m

    I don’t have a good command over English like many Indians. However I try my best. Have you ever observed well educated Chinese speaking English? They speak considerably better than us. When they learn they take care of every detail including the accent and after finishing learning they try to stick to the good things they were taught on. The judgement on if a society is brainy or not will always be subjective. We would not reach anything tangible debating over it. However accomplishments cannot be refuted for long.

  7. Admin

    Behave yourself and try to post good posts.Do not attack individuals whoever it maybe, else you will be banned.  

  8. Attention! Be careful!

    vasin oru 9 (Aravaani) and also mentally disorder aravaani. vasin nee already ultimatetamil website la otha mutta vangitu ponathu nyabagam illaya.. intha vasin pala name la website la vanthu irukku like kavya, Jasmine etc etc….. unakku mathavanga podra comment la appadi enna gandu. unna vida nalla comment podranganu eriyutha. inimae ellathayum pothikittu iru…potha mudilana..un kuda irukura vera oru arvaaniya potha sollu baadu… unnala matha aravaanikum ketta peru…

  9. person.

    geez people calm down….you all need to understand some people just have issues…they cant even seem to help it….they are probably in a foreign country either doing work like a machine or sitting at home and doing nothing………and of course, they are depressed and have to express their emotions somehow…and would be a really good way to seek attention. its simple guys. so just chillll.

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