Meenakshi learns Tamil on Karu Palaniappan’s request


Inorder to make the work easier for Directors now a days all actresses prefer to learn Tamil. Karu Palaniappan, who has directed films like ‘Sivappathikaram’ and ‘Pirivom Santhippom’, is turning into an actor in the movie titled ‘Mandhira Punnagai’, which will have Meenakshi of ‘Karuppasami Kuthagaitharar’ fame acting opposite.

The filmmaker, who is keen at getting the act right from his colleagues, has recently roped in a Tamil pundit to teach the language to Meenakshi, circles close to the unit say.

“Since Palaniappan found it little hard to work with Meenakshi due to the language barrier, he decided to make the Bengali beauty learn Tamil. Hence he searched for a Tamil teacher who knows Bengali well and finally zeroed in on one,” they say.

Sources add: “Meenakshi is now happily learning Tamil and is able to understand what other’s are talking in Tamil. She is a quick learner and you could soon see her speaking in Tamil with everyone.”



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