Reema Sen

Married Reema not averse of glamour

Reema Sen

Actress Reema Sen got married a few weeks back in New Delhi in a marriage which was attended among other by actresses Shriya Saran and Sonia Aggarwal. Slim and svelte Shriya’s dance at the marriage is still the talking point of the fortunate few who had gathered at the marriage at the time when Shriya got into her groove and danced.

Reema is said to be willing to come back to films at the earliest possible moment. Actresses returning back to action after marriage usually tend to go for non-glamourous roles such as sister, heroines’ friend or sister-in-law, etc. Reema, however, is different and has reportedly sounded the directors and producers who have approached to ensure that the glamour quotient is ‘on the maximum extent possible’.

Reema has just returned to India after completing her ‘honeymoon’ trip with her husband. She has reportedly been offered the role of hero’s sister, an important character, in the remake of Sattam Oru Iruttarai to be produced by actor Vijay’s Ghilli Films and directed by his father S.A. Chandrasekaran. Interestingly enough, SAC had also directed the original Sattam…. in the early eighties with Vijayakanth in the lead.

Reema is full of hope that the role would put her back into reckoning and might bag her more coveted roles in future. Reema has reportedly told SAC not to ‘reduce’ the glamourous portions in her character as she is ready to act as glamourously as she did (if not more) prior to her marriage.

Which director won’t accede to such request?


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