Marilyn Monroe’s house in auction for 3.6 million Dollars

Marilyn Monroe’s house in auction for 3.6 million Dollars

Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe’s Los Angeles home where she was found dead is on sale for US$ 3.6 million. Monroe bought the 23,000 square-foot property for $90,000 in 1962.

The actress had been in the home for only six months before she died of an alleged drug overdose at the age of 36. Manroe was found dead in her bedroom with a telephone receiver in hand.

The Spanish-style four-bedroom home, listed at $3.6 million, is located in the high-end Brentwood suburb and was the only home the blond bombshell ever owned, according to The website also points out the actress never got around to swimming in the outdoor pool, though it was one of her favorite features of the house.

The listing, which went up today on David Offer of Prudential California Realty’s website, sparked instant reaction from potential buyers, as some were spotted waiting outside the gate to get a tour of the home today.

The home was constructed in 1929 and still has much of its original details, but has been remodeled several times the house itself has prompted a fair share of conspiracy theories regarding how she died.


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