Manmadhan Audio Launch Stills and Videos

Manmadhan Audio Launch Stills and VideosThe Kamal Hassan starrer Manmadhan Ambu had its audio release yesterday Nov 20 in Singapore.

Directed by K.S.Ravikumar and produced by Udhayanidhi Stalin, it also stars R. Madhavan, Trisha, Ramesh Arvind, Sangeetha, Manju Pillai, Oviya and Kavita Radheshyam. Devi Sri Prasad is in charge of the music department for the film, which has four of its songs penned by Kamal himself.

The ace actor Kamal, along with music composer Devi Sri Prasad and other co-stars Madhavan, Trisha and Sangeetha, performed live on stage (Singapore Expo, Max Pavillion) before a 7000 audience.

Vijay TV host Gopinath and Divya Dharshini were hosting the grand audio launch event. Also the little Super singers Nithyashree and Srikanth presented a rocking performance to the audience.

These Videos and stills were shared by a Viewer,

Video 1( Audio Launch Promo video)

Video 2 ( Trisha reciting a Poem and Kamals counter)

Video 3)Vijay TV Little Super Singers Nithyashree, Srikanth  rocking performance

Video 4 (Kamal Sings, Neela Vaanam, Neeyum Naaanum)

Audio Launch Stills shared by viewers

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  1. prata

    why, is it a sin to release the audio in india among our people???? in our tmail nadu. why the fuck singapore

  2. unnai pol oruvan

    Edhir partha alavuku illa……. Endhiran was faar more better… Audio launch sumaara than iruku cha

  3. Vasin

    Yeah. He is never complete. He has not even learnt his English well. Ellathayum try panrathu. Onnuthayum mulsa panrathille.

  4. cj

    should not compare this with enthiran.. 
    enthiran had rajini, ARR, shankar and all the biggies..
    MMA has only kamal..
    they shouldnt have dont this with the music of devi shree prasad.. he is fit only for golttiiiiiiis..

  5. Sulaiman

    Do not compare with endhiran.  this is totally different.  The melody song sung by Kamal was very very good.

  6. san33

    oh is it.. vasin do u thnk your english is gud.. do u hv any idea hw many language does kamal speak fluently like a native speaker.. .. do u thnk ppl r fool to call him sagala kala vallan.. or uzhaga nayagan..wtevr..dnt criticize talented ppl so easily.. 

  7. Rasigan

    “No man can ever reach perfection, He can only be excellent, There is always a little scope for improvement” I remember this was once told by our Kamal in an interview.. He always looks to improve himself. 

  8. Vasin

    Don’t dwell on age. He is an actor. For instance Tom Cruise ia an actor. For us to say Kamal is better he must act better, look better, talk more sensible … so on. He still has chinks in his acting, he is shapeless, speaks non sense (see the other post on what he said to malaysians)…

  9. san33

    excuse me, if u dnt like kamal.. dnt try to be defensive as if u knw evrythng about him ok..just tell me how many actors are  very young in indian cinema at his  or equal his age.. just shut up.. ok second thing, he is a good communicator and I have said in ma prev comment, wat a attitude and presence of stage at this age … I am sure, u never given any stage performance,,,, if u like arts and cinema definetly u wud hv appreciated dis.. or least wudnt have gievn such comments…tel me who dnt speak non sense in movies or in real time.. hope u have seen youtube videos where rajini ask sorry for kauveri issue.. and many actors vijay reacting towards media ..many more are der… it is bcos evryone is human being so there is chance of being emotional and err at times.. so dnt take only dat… 

  10. san33

    i said fluently.. it means he speaks well.. so.. first try to learn English rather commenting badly about all heroes.. 

  11. Vasin

    Of course Kamal is the best among us but now we can’t say an Indian is good if he is only good compared to Indians. India is leading state in the world now. As such Kamal must be competent among the international actors now.

    I don’t have stage experience; just like many others here. If you have then of course you would understand these things better.

  12. san33

    hope u c dis comment vasin; hmm i think u have commented simply on ma comment saying about international std… so do u compare each evry movie std n hero std in india wid international.. ur comment luks funny isnt it.. wt do u say about other actors..  

  13. Vasin

    I don’t write for fun.  
    We are all exposed to international standards; aren’t we? Kamal is the only one trying hard but something prevents him from hitting it. I think he lacks discipline. He often tries to please himself prematuredly. In Vetayadu Vilayadu Gautham didn’t allow it but even there he shows his monkey side when dealing with Anderson. Just see how well Anderson – I don’t know his name -does in the movie. Christianity has given discipline to him.  
    Raghuvaran had the potential. If you are born in West you already have the advantages. However we need substantial own effort to hit international standards. Raghuvaran had noticeable intellect.  
    Ajith has the disposition but seems to fall for his own image but could come good anytime.  
    The other thing is now now I am exposed well to many kinds of people except for Latin Americans. I would say we Thamilar are the last among all. Absolutely no progress in intellect. It happened because of TMK, ATMK and Cinema. I just try to object our guys’ ideas through these posts.

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