Mankatha Shooting From Oct 25

Ajith’s 50th film “MANKATHA” is all set to commence its shoot tommorrow  Oct 25, 2010 and a test shoot  was held on Oct 19, 2010 in which artists including Premgi Amaren, Mahat Raghavendra and Vaibhav Reddy took part.

Dhayanidhi Alagiri the producer of the movie says realy happy THE GAME will begin on monday… was waiting to hear VENKAT PRABHU call ” ACTION ” !!!

On reports that Ajith would be sporting a new look in the film, Venkat Prabhu says, β€œYes, Ajith is working on it. And he would reveal it on October 20, the starting day of the shoot. ”

Ajith at isaignani Ilayarajas house
Ajith at isaignani Ilayarajas house for last weeks Kolu function



  1. virudali

    Why the hell this idiot wants to give a mega flop movie again……
    Come on ajith Fan where are u … this time you would have sent a msg that mangatha….will be a big hit….. Ivan ellam oru nadigan…ivanaku…ellam oru fan…..

  2. virunthaliku poranthavanae virudali...

    Poda virunthalikku porantha virudali… un sutha mooditu unga veeta poi kavani… seruppu pinjidum ajith pathi pesunina…..

  3. virudali

    dai…..un pondati , unga amma va poi ajith kooda paduka solu….. apo theriyum avan oru 9 ….. neeyum oru 9 nu….. poramboku….b a s t a d …..

  4. Vijay

    Well Said….. …..iam pleased to have shalini….. his film is going to be a flop……he is going to go out of tamil cinema industry….after this Film……

  5. fan

    thats what your wife and mom said about Ajith?..I don’t like both Ajith and Vijay, your comment is vulgar..stop doing this Mr. Virundali…

  6. Fact

    Can u tell me ….(If ur a Real Fan… πŸ™‚ what was the Last Super hit given by ajith after Vaali and Citizen Film…??????????? and how many years back…..???????????????
    Every body knows the fact….. Fact is Fact….. Dont be in dream land…..that he will give a mega hit…..
    First ask him to give a hit / Super hit…..after that we shall talk abt Mega hit…..-)

  7. Virundali

    Iam sorry…if i have hurt….But before commenting on my message…you should check the Prev msg also….i just replied to that msg…. how much will i be hurt…..

  8. billa gowtham

    to be frank dwali is not on nov 5   for all the thalla fans it goin to be tmro’ cause the shoot began from tmro’ guys be happy and don’t forget to see the poster on tmro’ news paper happy thala dwali

  9. billa gowtham

    and i dont’t want to say a comment to above basteds that who had given a negative comments on my god hey guys beaware of it  that thala is gone give massive hit of the year admin pls remove these kinds negative suggession

  10. Truth

    Hi Guys, Mr. Ajith Kumar is a Good Actor, All of them know the real fact,,,,,In each filims he acting different different roles, Different Getups, and different story also……….He not like other actors like vijay, Vijay gave all the filims same characters, same dance, same story, u see its doesnt work, due to that for him continusly all filim flopp,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, All the best for Mangatha filim, it should be a big hit in 2011 our all the ajith fans will pray for that………Thala Goodluck, with ur Goodwill.

  11. sarathi

    hello guys,
    be a human first, ajith is a human. he never interfere in any one. He is a geniune person. be like that. He came to the field after so many troubles with no back ground. Thats why people like him not for hit and flop. he said in an interview that i never give 100 hits but i ve seen 1000 flops. This inspires evry one who is seening flops in day to day life.For ajith success ahead always. Take care

  12. Fact

    Villan(i accept), Varalaru (I dont think so it was a hit), Billa (bcos of Rajnikanth’s Film).
    Was all the 3 movies released Last Year… hey come on man… he has acted in 50 Films and given less than 10 Films for Tamil Cinema industry….His Sucess / Hit rate is very Low When Compared to Other Old Actors like (Rajni/ Kamal) or New Commers like (Dhanush / Arya / Simbu) or his batch of Actors (surya/Vikram)…….Come on Dont be in dream land….. He is Not going to give a flop for himself…. he is going to flop Venkat Prabu….

  13. Fact

    Flop agarathuku oru hathuvama….? Aiyo….Ayiooooooo……. i accept he has faced lot of chellenges and come up….but he is not capable to give a hit Film For his Fans…. he has got a huge fan base like Rajni/ Kamal / Vijay ….but whats the use…he keeps on telling in media that his fans will keep on waiting for him to give a hit….but how long should they wait…..his fans are waiting for every Film….but only disappointment ends finally

  14. Intrest Intrest

    Ajith has to be very careful on choosing the story…..I guess after RED he was more concentrating on imaging himself and trying to showup…thats why most of the film after red have been a big flop…

    think of ji, jana, and few other films which is more concentration on hero not on script….and he should also have to avoid title songs through which he outrages other actors (like imaya malai varai yen kodi parandal unakenna)………..

    anyways concentrate on your script….that can take u up…….

    I saw MANGATHA teaser trailer and its not satisfactory….plz don’t try those kinds which are nowhere different than jana……

    one more thing ajith sir…

    Avoid punch dialogue’s because most of the simple dialogues will be effective when it said by genius….try to work on that sir…

    All the best………

  15. VICKYl



  16. VICKYl




  17. CAR RACE




  18. ajith fan

    hi ..u know how many awards won by ajith……he won 8 awards man……..we r not in a dreamland…..according to ur command ,i think ur a vijay fan thats y u tell like this….and also he won  3rd in F3 international championship……….ajith is a real hero man………….without knowing him u dont command kkk

  19. nitha aru

    good films r nt respected watched nowdays…most of ajith’s movies r with gd story’s n real entertainment…such as kreedam, ji, red, asal, n more on…he acted good in all the film n put all the effort to act…salute u ajith..hope manggatha will b another success to u…

  20. S.Ramanathan

    Are you out of your mind to call your fellow human as God?  Pity you…… Go search for the True and Living God who is your Creator, Provider and Saviour

  21. thala thalapathy

    i expected der will be lot of bad comments.. πŸ™‚  …  anyways..  hope its fun filled movie..

  22. anonymous

    though i m nt fan of ajith i would like to support him.without any cinema background he comes up to this position only bcos of his hardwork..he is really talent actor.he has the capability to do challenging role but our vijay is a waste fellow.

  23. anonymous

    vijay endha padam naduchalum adhu flop dhan avan oru mokka..ella padathulayum same acting idhula anna anna nu vera oru dialogue.avana first oru challenging role pannatum apo avan heronu othukirom.

  24. XXX

    vijay ku fana irukrada ajithuku fana irukalaam…. ivanla oru nadigana ndu neenga sollringa… ajith act diff char an getup in their past movies…. what about vijay(anna vanakam anna)… 

  25. XXX

    already neega kootitu poningala mr virundali (dai…..un pondati , unga amma va poi ajith kooda paduka solu….. apo theriyum avan oru 9 ….. neeyum oru 9 nu….. poramboku….b a s t a d .)

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