Mankatha da, Mottai da

Mankatha da Mottai da

There’s been a lot of hiding behind those lying eyes, Ooops! we meant beards rather. It’s been quite a long while now that we saw Director Venkat Prabhu in his unshaven bushy looks and to be honest Venkat you desperately need a cut. Joining in the beardy party where other members of the crew including Premji Amaren. Now that’s fine since Premji will be portraying the role as one of Ajith’s sidekicks (but Venkat….we still don’t… anyway..)

Now since many were inquisitive to know why the behind the scenes director was sporting those shaggy looks we decided to get into the ‘bush of the matter’. We are told that director Venkat and his other beardy friends from the Mankatha crew had pre-planned a Tirupathi visit on the day of release. The Mankatha team will visit the pilgrimage city and offer their prayers to the holy one. They will also get their heads tonsured in the process and return back homes as good looking dudes. Thala Ajith is expected to rest his Billa-2 duties and join others in Tirupathi, offering darshan to Lord Balaji for his 50th release.

Mankatha da, Mottai da !!!


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