Mani Ratnam disappointed with the ban

Why is Mani Ratnam disappointed with the banIn a recent legislation being implemented by the Tamil Nadu State government it was decided that the monuments of the state of historical importance would not be allowed to be considered for shooting movies. The new government wants to protect all such monuments which constitute the rich cultural heritage of the state. As a result a ban has been demanded by the Archaeological department as they claim that after the shoots nobody cares to clean up the place and many a times the damage done to the monuments is left unattended since no party takes responsibility of restoration.

This new ban comes as a real disappointment for directors like Mani Ratnam who reserve their interest in showcasing these beautiful locations in some of the most memorable scenes of the past few decades. In fact Mani’s Iruvar had some wonderful aerial shots of the Thirumala Naicker Mahal (remember the spine-tingling moment where Mohanlal stands on top of a fort and waves to the zillions gathered underneath him with Prakash Raj raising his hand to acknowledge their love and the rise of the new leader). But now things won’t be the same with the new restrictions putting an end to fans tasting any kind of ‘monumental glory’.

What do you think people instead of imposing a ban all together shouldn’t the government be charting out plans to restore these old monuments?



  1. Ram

    Good now he can’t show the thirumala Naicker Mahal in every other movie. Mani sir time for you to break the routine and find new locations, I am sure you’ll come up with something.

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