Mani Ratnam clarifies why no horror movies

Mani Ratnam on movies being a platform for expression
Mani Ratnam on movies being a platform for expression

The film maker recently admitted that he can handle any given subject to him. But the genre of horror doesn’t seem to be his cup of tea. Further we have never seen the director experiment with horror movies as of such. Even though the director has delivered masterpieces with other genres right from Mouna Raagam, Roja, Iruvar, Nayagan, just to name a few.

On further enquiry on his inhibition, he said, “I accept this fact. In spite of so much of technological advancements, I remain encompassed towards certain motifs.”

The veteran director feels that movies are a platform for expression, and the very motive of emotion can not be compromised with technology. He added, “According to me, film has nothing to do with technological aspects. It’s about expressing your thoughts and ideas over the screens.”

Seems like the fans just can’t get enough of this director.

Mani Ratnam the ace director is widely accepted  for his picturesque style of depicting the storyline. The director has made a special place among many for the way he fused themes of mythology with contemporary social issues for his recent venture Raavanan.The movie received mixed reviews in India but was praised in foreign countries including USA.

It is known that the director is presently working on three scripts, one of which deals with  adapting the famous  ‘Ponniyin Selvan’ considered the greatest novel written in Tamil history.


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