Mani Rathnam to release Raavana Tamil Movie 90secs trailer

Often referred as a maverick filmmaker, Mani Rathnam doesn’t believe in promoting his films to a greater extent. Naturally, his brand name itself works magic in box office even if the film isn’t really up to the expectations. On pars, he’s been an experimental auteur incisively focused on delineating his actors in a completely new-fangled characterizations.

Naturally, his upcoming flick Raavana will have every actor spotted with much unique roles with Vikram depicting the grey shades. It seems that the complete film will be journey bounded venture of cop (Prithviraj) in search of his wife (Aishwarya Rai) kidnapped by a social outcast (Vikram).

When approached the closer sources of Raavana, they revealed that the film’s shooting is yet to be completed and the trailer will be launched by next week. Much specifically, the 90secs trailer of Hindi version will feature Vikram alone.

-Richard Mahesh/ Sampurn Media


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