Mani Rathnam 25 Years in Tamil cinema:Raavanan his shortest film.

Mani Rathnam 25 Years in Tamil cinema

‘Raavanan’ which would run for two hours seven minutes film is the shortest film Manirathnam has ever made. Other films have been much beyond one hundred and twenty seven minutes of duration. The Censors has passed both the version of ‘Raavanan’ without cuts so no question of trimming.

It’s a good news for its producers and distributors cause they can now run more shows of the film which is definitely lifting curiosity levels as the release dates approaches and Manirathnam is also completing 25 years in tamil cinemas this June. With just 15 tamil films in 25 years the genius stands tall first among the equals.

Mani  is widely credited with having revolutionised Indian cinema, who has to his credit of  directing Nayakan which feature in TIME Magazine’s All-Time 100 Greatest Movies

Manis Last Film was Guru released in 2007 had Ash and Abhi toogether, who will also be seen in the Hindi version of Raavanan.

We congratulates the master on his silver jubilee year in tamil cinema industry.



  1. Anonymous

    I think ManiRatnam has gained fame by using Ilayaraja in his earlier movies. He has no creativity he only runs behind real stories

    He will be zero if Ilayaraja and AR rehman are not supporting him

  2. Anonymous

    Mani is a legend, he brings life into his story, i dont think Agni Natchathiram,Thalapathi,Anjali,Alaipayuthe and based on real stories.And ofcourse Aayutha Ezhuthu.

    Hats of to him for giving such movies

  3. Anonymous

    maniratnam is one of the most creative directors in d indian flim industry.. most of the stories are based on some or other real life incident.. but how it is potrayed in d screen?? tats d matter! and maniratnam knows it well and he s potryaing them in a well realistic manner! And he knows how to use the other talents also(music, camera etc..)

  4. Anonymous

    Titanic also based on real incident only , can we say Cameron has no creativity !!. Mani lifted Ilayaraja to national level and now AR in to international level. He has that potential to bring anyone to such great heights…moreover even after 25 years where most of his colleagues are out of film industry ( Like Bharathiraja) , he still keeps his No1 posiiton in India , that is something which is not possible for everyone …so pls friends give a thought before telling anything against Mani.

    SAM- Australia

  5. Anonymous

    i like mani ratnam's movies….mani ratnam, shankar, and k.s.ravikumar…r the best movie directors of kollywood….it's cause of their movies…kollywood has good stories!!!!hats of to all 3 of them!!!

  6. RK Singapore

    Manirathnam is definitly in top league as a director in Indian films.
    Bombay was simply super,but i have to say that his movies shine more due to supporting features like music and cinematography rather than extracting great performances from un-proven talents.
    In "Bombay" it was the peerless Manisha koirala,Mouna Raagam had Revathy and of course Nayagan had living legend Kamalahaasan.
    But if the main job of a director is getting great performances from his artistes,then he pales in comparison to Barathirajaa who has given so many great films using new faces and most recently,Vasantha Balan who has given us the heart-wrenching,brutally honest film Angadi theru using almost a 100%cast of new actors.

  7. Anonymous

    U don't compare Mani with Ilayaraaja.Ilayaraaja is more matured in his music. Mani is utterwaste especially taking films in dark place and voice recording etc, after I saw the Raavanan movie, even Bala is better than Maniratnam…….Raavanan is one of the worst movie of Maniratnam…. Ilayaraaja gave many hit films for other directors not only for Maniratnam

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