Mamta Mohandas to be engaged to a Bahrain Guy

Mamta Mohandas to be engaged to a Bahrain Guy

We had earlier announced regarding Mamta Mohandas’s parents going on a groom hunt for their gorgeous looking daughter. Looks like they dint have to sweat too much worrying about Mamta’s life partner. Infact fans will remember that it was Mamta herself who openly disclosed her desire to settle down and now we hear that her parents were puzzled after Mamta threw in some hints rejecting some fruitful offers picked up by her guardians.

The actress couldn’t hold on to the curtains too long as she disclosed her soft-spot for a special friend back in Bahrain. Although her parents were aware of the friendship between the two, it only struck them after Mamta told them about her love-ly wish to get engaged with the so called Bahrain guy. The engagement was confirmed by Mamta’s mom as she gleefully announced the good news saying, “All preparations are on for the engagement to be held this November.”

Now with a sweet voice like yours how could they say no to you Mamta. Here’s wishing you all the best. Let the bells ring louder !!



  1. Aravind

    yes she had undergone treatment……now she is fine…..she survived cancer…even she was dropped frm couple of flims bcas of that…she is a very good singer too…remember daddy mommy song in pokkiri

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