Mamta Mohandas marriage on December 28th

Mamta Mohandas engaged marriage on December 28th

The gorgeous looking Bahrain girl Mamta Mohandas recently got engaged on the lucky day 11/ 11/ 11 to her childhood friend Pregith Padmanabhan .Even though there was enough reason to choose the day for being an auspicious one to conduct the engagement ceremony we learnt some wonderful tidbits that we would love to share with our Kollytalk fans.

While deciding for the date of engagement one of the family members put forward the fact that Pregith’s family was preparing for the house warming ceremony for their new home on the said date that is 11/11/11.Further more his grandma’s family comprises of 11 brothers and sisters, with each one of them eagerly looking forward to welcome the bride on the same day. So it was decided to conduct the engagement and the house warming on the same day at Pregith’s ‘Kapitol house’ in Kunnakyal, Muvaatupuzha. Now that the engagement is over everyone is awaiting the wedding day i.e December 28th     to be held at Calicut, followed by the grand reception on December 30th.

We wish the couple all the best for their future.




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