Mammoottys narrow escape from a road accident

mammootty escapes from a road accident

Malayalam super-star Mammootty had a narrow escape yesterday when his speeding car had a head-on collision with a private bus. Fortunately for the actor and for the millions of his fans worldwide, Mammootty escaped unhurt.

Mammotty, who has had his fair share of Tamil films including Rajini’s ‘Thalapathy’ and Rajiv Menon’s ‘Kandukondein Kandukondein’, was shooting for his upcoming Malayalam film titled ‘Venisil Vyapari’ at Alappuzha. Mammootty was returning to his residence in his car after completing the day’s shooting when the said incident occurred.

When the car was traveling in Ernakulam, a private bus collided with Mammootty’s car from the back side and rammed into it near Aroor Temple junction. The collision created a great commotion as the backside of the care was crushed and what remained of it was only mangled metals.

The locals, who rushed to the spot, rescued Mammootty who escaped fortunately without getting hurt. The bus, which rammed into Mammootty’s car, was taken to a nearest Police Station. The driver of the bus requested Mammootty to ‘pardon’ him and based on the actor’s words, the police didn’t register any case against the driver and let him go.

Mammootty sure deserves appreciation for his humanitarian act!


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