Mambattiyan completed at a budget of Rs 25 Crores|Prashant and Thyagarajan speaks

The Thyagarajan  starring 1983 film  ‘Malaiyur Mambattiyan’  which took Thyagarajan to meteoric heights who was until then known as a villain, ‘Malaiyur Mambattiyan’ is one of the best local Robin Hood stories in Tamil. The film ran for 200 days and generated a lot of wannabes.

When Thyagarajan announced to remake his film as ‘Mambatiyaan’ with his son Prashanth playing the title role many were surprised. But Thyagarajan went ahead and has now almost finished the project with a budget of 25 crores.

Mambattiyan story is an ever green one. That’s why the original was remade in all the languages including Hindi. In Hindi it was called ‘Gangvaa’ and Rajinikanth played the title role. Such an intense story is sure to capture the imagination even today.

The new version ‘Mambattiyan’ has an impressive casting. Prashanth plays the title role and Meera Jasmine plays the heroine played by Saritha in the original. The police officer role played by Jaishankar is played Prakash Raj. Jayamalini is played by Mumait Khan, Senthamarai is played by Kotta Seenivasa Rao.

Thyagarajan is making all the efforts to release the film in May.


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