Mambattiyan to be banned

Mambattiyan’s son seeks ban on Mambattiyan

Mambattiyan to be banned

Nallappan, son of the ‘original’ Mambattiyan(tribal leader), has filed a case with a Chennai Court seeking a ban of the theatrical release of actor Prashanth’s upcoming film Mambattiyan. The film, which has the talented Meera Jasmine as the heroine, has been directed and produced by actor Thiagarajan, Prashanth’s father and is slated to hit the screens shortly.

Hailing from Mecheri in Salem, Nallappan has said that his father Mambattiyan was killed by an individual in the year 1964 and added that it was the police who had ‘planted’ wrong stories about his father who toiled hard for the people of his community. “My father is still revered as a ‘leader’ by lakhs and lakhs of tribals living in and around Tamil Nadu. He is widely respected by people from the lower strata of society.

“I have reasons to believe that the upcoming film Mambattiyan has portrayed my father’s character in bad light which has the potential to sow seeds of suspicion in the minds of the people about my late father’s nature. This may even result in I and my entire family getting ostracized by our own community. Why should we suffer for no fault of ours and undergo attacks by others?

“I, therefore, request you to ban the release of Mambattiyan which has been produced and directed by Thiagarajan who neither bothered to inform us about the making of the film nor got any written approval from our family to make a film based on my father’s life,” said the petition. The Hon’ble Judge has now asked Thiagarajan to file a reply in the case on or before 12th December.


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