Mai deals with social issues, says debutant Gopalan

Mai movie director SR Gopalan

S.R. Gopalan is the debutant director who would be entering Kollywood through the film titled Mai. The film would seek to address several basic issues which affect the development and the overall progress of the people and the country, says Gopalan.

“It’s a narrative on the plenty of problems faced by the people at the grassroots level and the pleasures, disappointments and dreams of today’s youths who want to settle down in their lives at any cost. Mai in pure Tamil refers to the indelible ink that’s applied on the nail of the forefinger during elections in our country. To put it frankly, the little drop of ink applied on the finger on the day of voting decides the future of crores of population.

“The lifestyle of the common man and the various problems he addresses on a daily basis is the backdrop of this film. It would be hard-hitting and realistic,” assures Gopalan who has also penned the screenplay of the film. The film is presently being shot extensively in Vellore District, he revealed.

Shweta Basu plays the heroine (who runs a cable TV channel) in the film opposite Vishnupriyan who has no job on hands and passes his time by indulging in bashing up others and by taking to alcohol. The lead pair, which are shown to be poles apart in the film, fall in love with each other, thanks to the connection through the vote, said Gopalan.


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