Mahatma Gandhi statue insulted in AP with Whisky bottles

Mahatma Gandhi was instulted in Andhra pradesh

Shame on our government and shame on our deteriorating quality of lives where we lost our human morals once for all.

The shameful incident happened in Kasibugga town of Warangal district in Andhra Pradesh on June 08.

As the tenders for Liquor Shop Licenses in the state have fetched huge amount for Government’s exchequer, all those shop owners who have won the bids (licences) were celebrating their occasion with drink parties.

One such drunken gang has garlanded the Mahatma Gandhi statue in town’s centre with Whisky Quarter Bottles which attracted good media attention yesterday.

Later on few gandhian followers in the district have washed the statue with milk and criticized the business model followed by government in issuing the licenses to liquor shops.

Such is the respect we offer for our ‘Father of Nation’ folks.



  1. Anonymous

    The Police should take immediate stern action against those drunken gangs or whoever was responsible for such an despicable act!

  2. Anonymous

    Dont talk about moral to the gulti assholes. If u r in US, you must be knowing what kind of fraud dick heads they are.

  3. Swetha

    That idiot should be slapped with slipper…If i will be there,i must do the same.

    I feel very bad about ourself.Because only few comments received for this news.If it's cine related everybody will response…

  4. Ramya

    Its a great insult to whole India…. These people should be arrested immediately….. If they cannot respect father of the nation, they don't have rights to be in India…..

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