Maestro to conduct music concert to explain MSV’s musical nuances


In an unprecedented manner and a first-of-its-kind event, Maestro Ilaiyaraaja is to conduct a music concert on 27th July to explain to music lovers and music enthusiasts the late and legendary ‘Mellisai Manner’ M.S. Viswanathan’s great sense of music and his eye for musical nuances. The concert has been titled as ‘Ennulle MSV’ (MSV in me).

Ilaiyaraaja would play out many popular songs by MSV using his troupe and would explain to the audiences about the way those songs were composed. Jeeva Ilaiyaraaja Trust, founded in memory of the wife of Maestro, is conducting the music concert. “The concert won’t be an event where songs of MSV would be played out to pay tribute to him. The objective is to understand the musical nuances of MSV, the musical genius.

“The whole world is aware of the mastery of MSV over music. However, I humbly feel that nobody would have observed MSV’s musical nuances as closely as I have observed. I want to tell the world about it with the aid of my music troupe. I would explain how MSV did many great things in a simple manner so as to reach them to the common man.

“Music varies as per the individual’s imagination; it’s not so easy to compose music which takes to an entirely different world. I, for one, know something about it. The concert is intended to let the people be aware of it. Though MSV’s body has left the world, his soul would always remain with us. I’m holding this concert on the 13th day of the demise of my ‘elder brother’ MSV as my tribute to him,” Maestro concluded.



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