Madras high court stays Vijays ‘Kaavalan’ release

The upset Vijay
The upset Vijay

The much-awaited Vijay’s Kaavalan after slipping through the problems created by the agitations against Asin, is caught in a fresh trouble. The Madras High Court today stayed the release of Kaavalan for the next six weeks following  the plea made by Tantra Films proprietor J K Saravanan.

Ramesh Babu, the producer of ‘Kaavalan’ had earlier sold the overseas distribution rights to Tantra Films, Singapore. With the movie’s release nearing, director Sakthi Chidambaram who has bought the entire rights of the movie claimed that the overseas distribution rights sold to Tantra is not valid.

Upset with this development, Tantra films proprietor J K Saravanan has knocked the doors of the Court and has filed a case against Ramesh Babu.He alleged in his plea that Ramesh had promised overseas rights to him for Rs five crore and took Rs 1.5 crore as advance. But now Romesh Babu has sold the rights to Cinema Paradise. When I sought an explanation through email, he threatened to cancel the agreement.

After hearing the petition, the judgement was announced today which has stayed the release of Kaavalan for the next six weeks within which time, the producers and distributors will have to agree to a solution.

Kaavalan was scheduled to hit the screen on December 25, on the eve of Christmas. Lets hope for this issue to be solved amicably for Vijay fans to enjoy Kaavalan on time.



  1. kk

    after the agitations against Asina?
    Inimethan kanna main picture!
    ethu veraikkum chumma trailer than!
    intha padathula Asin eruntha epdi oduthunu paakalam!

  2. kaipulla

    O:-) antha xmass ku   sunami vanthuchi intha xmass ku kavalana. O:-) appo nivarana pani ippo arambicha thaa vundu. enna oru sathya sothana.

  3. sunil

    kaipulla may 1 thaan da sunami

    kavalan da enga kakurathuku velayuthamoda varuvan da

    vijayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy rockssssssssssssssssssssss

  4. shyam shyam

    en thalapathi pathi pesana potta pundigala ungalakku velayae kidayathada en vandhu avarudaya poola oooomburinga

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