Madhushree, the latest toast to the Tamil youths

Madhushree in Vazhi Vidu Kanne Vazhi Vidu

Actress Madhushree becomes the latest heroine who might just go on to become the favourites of the youths in Tamil Nadu. The bubbly actress makes her debut as heroine in an upcoming film ‘Vazhi Vidu Kanne Vazhi Vidu’ (VVKVV) in which she has newcomer Tamizh debuting opposite her. The duo of Ali Khan and Gowrishankar would be directing the film.

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Comedian Charlie, who has been around for more than two-and-a-half decades, plays a major role in the film which also has director T.P. Gajendran in its cast. Throwing a hint about the script of the film, the directors-duo said “More than food, clothes and shelter, kindness and humanity is more important. It’s the mother who shows us what kindness and affection is. The film seeks to caution the society against the increasing trend of sending mothers to Old Age Homes.

“We have narrated in an interesting manner as to what might happen to the guys who don’t pay proper respect and regard to their mothers. The script would be appealing to all sections of the audience,” they said about the film, whose audio was recently launched in the city. Actress Madhushree, clad in a dress with a plunging neckline, didn’t fail to get the attention of the media-persons as well as the audience.



  1. june

    yeah the only reason she will be a “heart throb” is because of her plunging neck line god, don’t women have decency these days

  2. Kill Bill

    Dont you have any other points to comment? you are the first to write comments in every article but with the same point.

    Wonder how you are able to relate any article to vulgarity. take a break!!!!!

  3. june

    i’m not judging all….sry abt the misinterpretation i just meant certain ones that want to make it big in movies by selling their decency…sry if i offended you 

  4. meera

     tats so kind of u…but i do agree certain womens sell their decency for money…but wat we can do,its their own life….

  5. Smile

    Toast-a?? Engala vechu comedy geemedy pannalaiye??Indha toast-ku pasanga summave erukalam.I guess she has to make hay while the sun shines…….after that,Namitha madhiri pongalukko diwalikko vandhutu pogalam.

  6. june

    yeah my point exactly…its so cheap..i wonder if they aknowledge their human…its sick…but yeah its their decisions to be dirty…so…that’s abt it

  7. Reply super

    i really dono what makes them give such hypsssssssssssss……….. inda ponnu onnum appadi atract panra maari edhuvume illaiye…… idhula youtha vera asinga paduthuraanga… haiyoo haiyoo…. tamil naatu vaalibargal tastu avlo kevalama pocha ….haiyahooooooooooo

  8. mr kollywood

    moonja paru korengu mathiri.mare than peruse moole sirise.evelo peru kude padutirupalo inthe positionke vare,maire

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