Madhuri Dixit will not do a Rajnikanth movie again


Madhuri Dixit the sensuous Bollywood queen can still grip you with her charming looks but she is not so supportive of acting these days. Reportedly the Rana team offered a role to the beautiful lady in the upcoming Rajnikanth flick to everyone’s surprise the actress ignored the offer. A priceless opportunity wasted by the actress who had tried to make a comeback to movies in 2007 even though both of them have earlier worked together in Bolly flick Uttar Dakshin in 1987.

The reason cited was that mommy Madhuri is really missing her children back in the USA and as she has been busy judging a dance show. She is really longing to get back with her family which made her say a no to the role in a very polite manner.  Deepika Padukone has been confirmed for a role opposite a young Rajini, while there have been reports of Asin and Anushka Shetty being roped in for the other 2 Rajini’s in the megastar’s triple package offering .

The move could be seen as a tactical one to generate a greater North Indian market with the Rajni effect.

Madhuri the day is not far away when you would repent this.



  1. Vasin

    She appears to command a lot of respect going by the way TV journalists talk to her. I hate Hindi films and the style of Hindi and Hindi Folk but would like to see one of her good films. Which is her best one?

  2. Aravind

    Boss u ku nall elasa venum ….deepika padukone padukurathuku ready…..Boss need not want like muthuna kathrika like u…..

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