Madhavans Hollywood debut as Srinivasa Ramanujan

Madhavans Hollywood debut as Ramanujar in The Man Who Knew Infinity

Madhavans Hollywood debut as Srinivasa Ramanujan

It’s the best gift that Madhavan could gift to his fans just before the New Year rolls in. News is hot, that the actor will soon make his Hollywood debut playing the role of Srinivasa Ramanujar in the flick titled The Man Who Knew Infinity. This Hollywood movie will be directed by Matt Brown and will explore the friendship between G H Hardy (to be played by Colin Firth of King’s Speech) and the Math wizard.

Maddy confirmed the news saying, “Yes, it’s true that I’ll be playing Srinivasa Ramanujan in a film.” We also came to know that the actor has been making needed preparations by visiting Ramanujan’s native place Kumbakonam to get a better perspective. A gifted Mathematician, Ramanujan was the man who came out with some complex mathematical problems. He is credited for leaving many students and even teachers on a life long quest figuring out solutions for things like number theory and the infinite series. Actor Madhavan who will try to replicate the genius on screen is putting on some added weight to suit the looks. It was earlier reported that Siddharth had been roped in for the movie but no confirmations have arrived from the actor’s side, with Madhavan given the green signal.

Congratulations Maddy, Hollywood is calling …:)



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