Madhavans Hawaiin expedition

Madhavans Hawaiin expeditionMadhavan aka Maddy packed his bags for a Hawaiin sojourn recently. The star actor took a break from his busy shooting schedules to enjoy some quality time with his family and close pals. Maddy really enjoyed his time at the island nation as he shared his excitement saying, “I was having way too much fun to touch my computer. I had the time of my life in Hawaii with close friends and family.”

The actor indulged in everything under the sun including surfing, Dolphin spotting and even swimming with giant Manta Rays (large species of fish among the rays). When not engaging in underwater games, Maddy headed straight to the Golf course to enjoy some action with the ball and his club. He had one full week full packed with loads of fun and excitement. The actor also admitted that he was freaked out seeing his son dive into the deep blue see with the dolphins but is only happy to discover that he is a ‘total water baby’.

Now the actor will return to Mumbai to start a Hindi Film with hot Bollywood babe Bipasha Basu this 10th. However he is glum over leaving his family back in San Franciso for the shoots.


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