Madhavan suffers knee injury

Madhavan suffers knee injury

Madhavan suffers knee injury After enjoying a wonderful trip in the Greek nation, actor Madhavan announced his Vettai release just before Diwali joking “ it is Dec 23 rd for Vettai. Will be Diwali during Christmas..ha ha haaa.” While things were going all happy and jolly Maddy fans were shocked to receive the news of the actor suffering damage to his knees during the shoots.

Working at the Jodi Breakers sets Maddy boy injured himself as he disclosed the bad news saying, “My Knees Busted completely. Dammmm you I am so angry.” Adding to the spoilt fun, this hurting episode took place just before winding up the shoots with just a song sequence left with his leading lady Bipasha Basu. The Vettai hero is still recovering from the accident but will have to hold on for some more days before he gets those legs back to business. “Okay guys.. Knees finally gave up on me. So have to go in for intervention. Feel so bad for all you guys at Jodi Breakers.”, signed of Madhavan on an apologetic note.

Maddy we fans our praying for a speedy recovery…… Take care.



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