Madhavan reveals a trick to Vikram and Surya

Actor Madhavan has been at his game for a long time and successfully merged a career in Kollywood and other industries. It’s not just this balance that is so significant of his caliber; the actor is also critically appreciated for his work even from people outside regional cinema.

Maddy as most people know him after his success says its all about Hindi accent that has helped him climb the ladder at a better pace than his contemporaries  and delivering the lines smoothly in a foreign language only adds as an asset to the actors credentials he suggests, Tamil superstars Vikram and Surya should follow the same.


Noticeably south actors like Cheeranjeevi, Nagarjuna have already tried a hand at Bollywood but have not made a real impact.

Language most certainly is an important factor. Even if the dialogues are dubbed, there will be an inconsistency in the performance, an inconsistency in the lip movement.

You can easily make out a Tamil guy speaking Hindi and it not sounding like Hindi. All this plays eventually on your mind when you watch a movie.

With 30 – 40 per cent of filmmakers already doing live sound, it’s going to be very difficult to portray somebody that you are not.

He even gave out the secret mantra, “For the actors today, I would really say that you should know the language. I think Hindi is the only film industry in the country today that doesn’t accept people who do not speak Hindi as one of their talents.

Finally he also agreed to the fact and continued,

“But yes, at the end of the day, if the film is good, the story is good if the final product is good, success will be inevitable,”

As Maddy puts it…….

In art the madder the better that’s the message .



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