Madhavan advised 5 days bed rest

Madhavan advised 5 days bed rest

Madhavan advised 5 days bed rest

Bad news for all Maddy aficionados out there. It is learnt that actor Madhavan has been advised bed rest by the doctors in order to keep him away from any form of physical exertion. Maddy says, “5 days of bedrest..and I am going nuts…” The news itself came as a shock to the actor who confessed, “Guess there is the first time for everything..I had never cancelled shooting schedule ever in my life.”

Madhavan was shooting for his Bollywood movie Jodi Breakers when he suffered the injury. He had disclosed to his fans saying, “My Knees Busted completely. Dammmm you I am so angry.”  Soon the actor was taken to a nearby hospital. After the X-ray scans where done the doctors disclosed that he should avoid moving his legs anymore for at least 5 more days. The unexpected injury has stretched the schedule to a longer time. Maddy also has his Kollywood flick Vettai coming up this December alongside his expected Jodi Breakers.

You’re a strong lad Maddy …we are sure you’ll spring back soon.



  1. siyam

    tahlaiva ne 5 days illa 50 days bed rest eduthu aruthala vaa thalaiva unakkaha yarum varutha pada mattanga un padatha yarum poyittu thetaer la parkayum mattanga arya sir irukkaru athanalathan panam koduthu ticket vankuvan ,illatti athuvum illa ealiva sorry thalaiva

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