Madhavan’s secret passion for 24 lakhs

Madhavan Bike passion

Madhavan’s secret passion are bikes and is also one other actor to have got the have got the most powerful bike in India aside John Abraham .

And the actor says he even goes for his shoots on this bike and continues, “After I strap on my helmet, there’s no one who recognises me, and it’s my bike that gets all the admiring looks, the oohs and the aahs and the most commonly assked question is from where and for how much did he get the machine,and I very nonchalantly have them on by mentioning some showroom name or the other from where I bought her for two lakhs (I actually paid 24 lakhs for it), and have some fun at their expense as I send them on a ride!

Madhavan assures you, “I am a very safe rider”. And now maddy will take a trip across the whole of Europe with some selected friends in September for around 18 days.

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