Maddy says Manmadhan Ambu was no Endhiran

Madhavan as Madanagopal in Manmadhan Ambu
Madhavan as Madanagopal in Manmadhan Ambu

Madhavan aka Maddy received praises for his role as Madanagopal – the ever doubting  ‘husband to be’ in Manmadhan Ambu(MA). Well now the actor has openly stated that “Even though Manmadhan Ambu was no Enthiran at the box office I am only happy with the results.”

His next project is with director Linguswamy titled Vettai and the actor is thrilled about the project. He couldn’t resist sharing his excitement with us as he said, “When Arya and I get together we bring the floors down and Linguswamy has got no idea what’s in store when we get into full masti mode.”

Maddy has his pockets full as of now as he will be doing another trilingual (Tamil,Hindi and Telugu) called Adirshtasali,directed by Vikram Kumar( Yaavarum Nalam director).

Check this space for more Vettai crackers to follow. We will keep you updated as always.



  1. Vasin

    ‘Lungi’ padam edukaratha vida copy adikarathu thevala. We have to copy the West in many respects. What is wrong with it?

  2. m

    I dont see a problem with anyone wearing lungi. Not everyone has to copy the west. May be ones who is working or doing business with them.

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