Maddy enjoying in Greece Still

Maddy enjoying in Greece Still

Our Maddy boy had some wonderful time in Mykonos, Greece. The actor has been shooting in foreign lands for an upcoming Hindi movie Jodi Breakers with the sizzling hot Bipasha Basu. Maddy had earlier told us that he would be soon returning back to homeland to kick start his Vettai with dear friend Linguswamy and how he felt homesick shooting abroad.

 He just caught his first flight to Bangalore today and announced his homecoming news with a li’l bit of a teaser saying, “Flight to Bangalore now. Then flying to Trichi at 6am.Then Drive to Kumbakonam..attend an event .Then drive to Chennai. Wanna be in my shoes??:)” ( So THEN …..Chennai finally happens to be the last stop….and yeah Maddy we would love to be in your shoes…the travel bug just bit us…). During his stay in Greece Maddy tried his hands testing the chilly blue waters and even enrolling for some wind surfing lessons.  There is also a nice photo he wanted to share with his fans , which comes fresh from his Nikon lens…to your blinking screens….LIVE (….go get a new screen this Diwali…they are real cheap…..during the holiday season).

Check out the photo and do tell us if you feel a bit more GREEK!


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