M Karunanidhi praises Ajith as decorating flower


Ajith’s issue seems to have come to an end. Ajith’s speech during the felicitation function for the Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M Karunanidhi was no doubt blown out of proportion. The CM in a statement on this issue has also expressed the same thoughts.

Karunanidhi has said that Ajith is one of the flowers that decorated him during the function. He stated that some people who are jealous of the importance that he is being given by the film fraternity are trying to turn Ajith’s speech to meet their own ends. However, the octogenarian had advised the film fraternity to maintain discipline and not allow selfish people to exploit them.

The CM also said that Ajith had clarified about his speech and that he was referring to other functions that were held earlier to which many actors were forced to attend.

With the CM’s statement,hope the Ajith issue seems to have come to an end.


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