Lyricist Vaali praises T Rajendars magnanimity

Vaali Praises T Rajendar

The audio-launch of ‘Mallukkattu’, which stars newcomer Varun in the lead, was held in the city recently. The function was attended among others by veteran lyricist Vaali and the all-in-one Vijaya T. Rajendar. Varun happens to be a cousin of actor Dhanush. Let’s wait and see how Dhanush staves off his in-house competition!

Speaking at the venue, T.R. said “The invitation said that the music director of the film, Taj Noor, had worked under A.R. Rahman. I don’t believe in referring to things like that. Even Rahman worked under me as a key-board player for two years. I won’t use that now to go to him and seek help or offer bouquets to him. I’m happy at my son Simbu’s progress in Kollywood and am proud of him.

“I have been toiling in Kollywood since 1980 and still have the energy and guts to compete with the likes of Simbu and others. Earlier, I used to churn out hit films at regular intervals. Those days, a crowd of 2,000 in theatres was considered a ‘house full’ event. Nowadays, event the presence of 200 persons at a show is taken as the appreciation of that particular film. I appeal to the Government to reduce the cost of tickets to bring the public to the theatres,” concluded TR after appealing to lead actors to reduce their fees.”

Lyricist Vaali, who spoke after TR, referred to the song ‘Loosu pennae…’ penned and sung by Simbu for the film ‘Vallavan’. “In that song, Simbu’s lyrics were like ‘Vaali pola paattezhudha mudiyalaiyae…’ I once asked Simbu as to why he didn’t put his father’s name as he too has penned many popular songs. Simbu said TR had in fact appreciated him for that particular line.

“This shows TRs magnanimity. Once I was talking to A.R. Rahman and appreciated his ‘rhythm’ in setting the music. He immediately replied that he learnt the trick from TR. I wish the cast and crew of ‘Mallukkattu’ that the film would go on to do well at the box-office,” concluded Vaali.



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    Vasin is not be found nowadays. looks like LTTE have traced him and killed him(for good) for his Anti-Srilankan Tamil comments.

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    ha ha ha…athuthan anavathule adakudathunnu..but he is sober nowadays..atleast no hurting comments from him..bro vasin guess we all can have healthy no racist jokes..ok???

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