Lyricist Snehan saved many lives in Malaysia boat mishap

Lyricist snehan saves many lives

Lyricist Snehan had a miraculous escape when the boat in which he was traveling capsized in mid-sea during a recent trip to the Lankavi Islands off the coast of Malaysia. Director Vijayasekaran, who was accompanying Snehan during the trip, also escaped unhurt.

The duo, along with music director Maria Manohar, had gone to the Lankavi Islands off the Malaysian coast to compose songs for an upcomking film titled Ranam. The passenger boat developed mechanical problems midway through its journey and started slowly sinking into the sea.

An SOS was sent to the shores from where the boat had taken off some minutes before. A rescue team, which reached the spot in a bigger ship, managed to rescue and save all the 140 passengers and crew on-board. Most of the passengers didn’t know how to swim and Snehan swung into action by helping many of them getinto the rescue ship.

“It was indeed unthinkable but we did it; even as we were fighting for our own lives, we managed to save many of our co-passengers who didn’t know to swim or keep afloat in sea-waters. We’re thankful to God for having given us the opportunity,” said Snehan and added that the incident occurred around noon on Friday (7th October).

Kudos to Snehan for saving the lives of many!



  1. priya

    Hey Snehan wowwwwwwwwwww cool buddy 🙂 god bless u . have a great future snehan, u proved to be a brave man congrats, may god bless u :*

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