Lyricist Na Muthukumar’s 2 year Old son turns singer

Lyricist Na Muthukumar’s son Aadhavan Nagaragan becomes the youngest Indian singer, he is just 2 years old. He has sung a song “Kadhal Jodi Onnu Mattikitchu” in his father’s words for the film Nellu along with Srimathi and Madhumathi.

Na Muthukumar's Son Aadhavan with musician Kumaran
Aadhavan with Musician S.S.Kumaran

Musician S.S.Kumaran, Na Muthukumar's family
Musician S.S.Kumaran, Na Muthukumar,Wife Jeeva Lakshmi and Son Adhavan
S.S.Kumaran of the POO movie fame is also the musician for this Nellu  says, “ I felt  it would be better if a child sings that song. And the other day I saw Aadhavan playing with the Keyboard at Muthukumar’s residence and when approached Muthukumar also happily agreed to offer his son’s voice
Na Muthukumar tonsured his head for his son
Na Muthukumar tonsured his head for his son
The song was recorded in a single take. The wonderful kid was so naughty I had to give him lots of chocolates and sweets to bring  his voice out. The song is composed  on the base of South African’s legacy music and our music has come out very well.  This song will become very popular like how Choo Choo Mari did.”, he adds.

Another interesting incident that  took off was,Na Muthukumar in order to fulfill a vow to the family deity had to the tonsure the head of Aadhavan. But Aadhavan was very adamant that his father should also tonsure his head. Muthukumar had no other alternative but to shave his head.


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