Lyricist Arivumathi criticizes Kamals dialogues against Eelam Tamilar

Kamal - Lyricist Arivumathi
Kamal - Lyricist Arivumathi

Earlier Manmadhan Ambu song ‘Kannodu Kannai Kalandhal’ written and sung by movie’s hero Kamal Haasan himself was removed from the movie before release, following the opposition faced from Hindu Makkal Katchi for mocking gods according to them.(Read more..)

Now Kamal has to face even more for his inflammatory dialogues in the same. It seems the dialogues, such as “Thamizh ini Theruporukkum” and “Thamizh ini Mella Saagum”. did not go well with Eelam Tamilar supporter and famous lyricist Arivumathi.

Reportedly Arivumathi, in a recent poem, has criticized Kamal in response to the targeted Sri Lankan Tamils for their portrayal as cinema maniacs.

Here is the poem for you. Tell us what you think.

 Arivumathis poem
Arivumathis poem


  1. Vasin

    Yes Mate, if you are a student form a small group or an organisation just for the purpose of getting rid of this serious flow in our people’s mind. India has been eaten by heroes and swamys. They both are unreal and promise or show thing that cannot be delivered but our people believe it.

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