London is awesome :Simbhu

Simbu, is currently in London for the shooting of Poda Podi, Sharathkumars daughter Varalaxmi is the heroine of Poda Podi, seems simbu is having a tough time avoiding the crowd and getting some time alone for himself!

Yes, the actor was almost mobbed by his fans there. “Never knew it would be this crazy shooting in London, but on the other hand, was really happy to see so much people waiting to see me…” he said  recently.

Simbhu meets awaiting fans in london

But, looks like STR is in no mood to return to his home city soon. He wrote, “London is awesome, shoot is fantastic. Loving every bit. Konjam lighta kuluridhu. Not at all missing chennai! Maybe I will…” But he seems more eager to know what’s happening in Chennai.

Simbu with fans at a restuarant


  1. vin

    poor guys . don't have work to do in London. Veddipayalkal. evvalavu kasai selavallithu poiirrkungkal. pethathukal pavam

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