London déjà vu for Sharmila Mandre


Mirattal heroine Sharmila Mandre does have a thing for London. She pairs up with Vinay Rai in the upcoming romantic offering Mirattal. The movie is a remake of the Telugu flick Dhee and had it’s shoots filmed in exotic foreign locales.

Genelia D’Souza was the frontline actress for the original hit Telugu release, being replaced by Sharmila in the Kollywood version. She had to slip out of other commitments on taking up Mirattal,that has music scored by Pravin Mani, streaming radio stations these days. Sharmila who made her filmy debut in the Kannada movie Sajni, had a déjà vu moment shooting for Mirattal. She says, “Perhaps it isn’t very often that things like these happen. My first Kannada movie and now Mirattal, which is my first Tamil film, both had their shoots in London.I think there is a very special connection between London and me.” Presented by Studio One, Mirattal also has comedian Santhanam roped in for the release. Director R. Madhesh had shoots conducted at the London Airport, East London, the Buckingham Palace, Oxford University Aerodrome and even at the Tower Bridge adding to the pre release hype for Mirattal.


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