Locking lips with heroines is out of question, says Ajmal

Ajmal Ameer

One of the handsome and upcoming heroes in the Tamil film industry, actor Ajmal is a die-hard family man. The actor gave a good account of his acting credentials, albeit in a role with negative shades, in the super-hit film ‘Ko’ which had Jiiva, Karthika and Piaa Bajpai in lead roles an was directed by K.V. Anand. Post the success of ‘Ko’, Ajmal has got quite a few film offers on hand.

More often than not, it’s the heroine(s) who tend to shy away from starring in lip-lock sequences with the hero on screen. However, in the case of Ajmal, it was the actor who refused to lock lips with his heroine in his upcoming film ‘Karuppampatti’. Stunning-looking Aparna Bajpai plays Ajmal’s heroine in the film, thereby debuting in Kollywood as heroine.

The film is being directed by Praburaja Chozhan. The film’s climax sequences were filmed in the holy town of Palani. In one particular sequence, as per the script, Ajmal expresses his love to Aparna who immediately accepts his love. Ajmal would then have to embrace her and indulge in locking lips with her. When Aparna nodded in agreement to star in the lip-lock sequence after Chozhan explained to her about the significance of the sequence, Ajmal didn’t agree to it and asked to be ‘excused’.

Instead of locking lips with Aparna, Ajmal finally planted a kiss on her cheek. The shoot was reportedly delayed by a couple of hours during when Chozhan tried in vain to convince Ajmal to perform the ‘lip-lock’. Later, talking about his reluctance to star in a lip-lock sequence, Ajmal said that his parents were always against him becoming an actor from the very beginning.

“I became an actor after agreeing to certain conditions. One of those conditions is that I’d never lock lips with any of the heroines. I’d also not star in vulgar-looking sequences and won’t be uttering dialogues which have ‘double-meanings’. As on date, I have been meeting all these conditions. If I breach them, I won’t be allowed to enter my house,” said Ajmal, looking as innocent as ever.



  1. ht

    thats wat they all say in the beginning.gv him another 5 yrs, he will be telling a different story. its all part of the game……

  2. Vasin

    Actors have license to kiss; also the idea one should sleep with only one is a flawed one; that is why for more than thousands of years it has not worked; why not try the other option?

  3. june

    vasin don’t you have any morals…intimate action is supposed to be reserved for someone who understands you and cares about you, its not chips and dip to pass around 😉

  4. :)

    u are an animal, animal goes around having sex with anything and everything.

    so desparate….no confidence in yourself?

  5. Vasin

    Hey June

    …someone who understands you???? Indian culture arranged marriages la nanna orthara orthar therinjukittathukappurama they have intercourse?

    …cares about you??? Appo mother oda sister kuda paduthukalam; good; West la even mothers and sisters can arouse; female in West never take thier eyes away from the fundamental purpose that is remaining sexually appealing. 

    Hang on..rendum irntha than we can have sex engreengala? Summa ideology solreenga! You have sex with someone you are curious about; when your partner seems to have nothing behind the curtain nor something that keeps you going you leave him. Kalyanam pannetom engrathukaga testssterone accumulate aagumpothu sex vechukarathu…correct ava irku? 

  6. DK

    haiyyo..u r such a disgusting creature vasin..what west’le mothers n sisters can arouse???vaai kusama pesuria da..velakaran ithu kettana unne seruppu kazhutti adipan…u r worse than a dog…guess u have not bought up properly..u need psychiartist help immediately..god bless u

  7. june

    dai vasin, nee romba chinna payana irikka, satta sabaiyla un pechu edipadathu, wise men don’t need to waste their time on fools, nee poda thambi..po

  8. Smile

    @Vasin….unga commentsku Ramayanam evvalo mel.Atleast i get punniyam by reading Ramayanam.Unga comment parthale podhum,enakku naragam confirm.Vendave vendam!

  9. Smile

    @Vasin,June,DK….From Vasin’s comment,we can know one thing fore sure.His point is that yaar venumnalum yaar kooda venumnalaum S!! vechikalam.So Vasin should not only preach.He should practice what he preaches only then will people will believe in his teachings.Let us learn from Vasin.Vasin will send his GF to sleep with his friend and he will take his friend’s GF for a night.Then in the morning,they will exchange back.He will do like this everyday.So we should all follow suit.That’s his ideology.Right Vasin?

    @Vasin…OK now coming to my opinion.Bec it is you,no worries.You can escape.But if these words were to be uttered by someone close to me…..KANDIPPA SERUPPU NAALA PINJIRKUM.KARRRRRRRRRRR THOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! 
    Indha mangaketta pozhappa panradhuku naan cynide kudippean.Eppadi?We can have S!! with anyone we like is it????Are we(women) halwa or laddu to be passed around???WHat will be ur reaction if ur sister goes about doing this??Thooki vechu konjuveengala??Then Mother kooda,Sister kooda paduthukalam.So i assume you do it with ur mom and sis?(Others,forgive me if i was bad here)….Naai dhan ellar koodaiyum pogum.Appo neengalum naayum onna???How is that u r an INDIAN??Konjam kooda eenam maanam illama eppadi pesamudiyudhu????Yedhale unga mandaiya adicha neenga thirundhuveenga???

  10. Smile

    @Vasin…Give me one good reason why i should remove my previous comment.Inga erukuruvanga yaravadhu oruthar naan kettadhu thappu,asingama comment pannirkean nu sollatum.I will remove it for sure….my word.

    By the way,i am curious to know about they girl.Did she die?Poor thing.In the game of football,11 players to one ball.Edhenna 8 guys to one girl???Kantravi!Vera evalum kidaikilaiya illai finance tighta??

  11. Vasin

    One Reason a?

    Orupothum naan comment pannaravanga wife, GF, sister, mother, father..pathi elthinathilla.
    I always try to stick to the point without going personal
    Apdi personal a pona Mokkai, Dei Kena ipdi ethavathu 2 vaartha no more
    I never look down upon actresses, call girls
    Oru vaatikuda Thevdiya nu naan elthinathu kedayathu
    I write for equality between woman and men which actually determines if a country is poor or not
    I can’t see a way other than going West to do it
    Being frank in sex an integral part of going West that is why I write the way I write
    Above all I always treat you well

    Check all what I said; take your time; then pease withdraw your unfair comment.

  12. Vasin

    Aama finance tight thaan students ku; athukaaga ipdi oru style illama panartha? If there is no style sex becomes ugly. One by one a thaan pannuvanga; within 2 1/2 hours la ellam mudinjirchu nu sonnanga. girl (woman) ku onnum aagala.

  13. Smile

    Neither is it my wish to go around abusing you …

    What do u mean by:-

     “Appo mother oda sister kuda paduthukalam; good; West la even mothers and sisters can arouse”

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