Locking lips on screen not a big issue, claims Priyamani


Actress Priyamani has opined that locking lips with the hero on screen is not a ‘big deal’ at all for her. In fact, going a step further, she insists that it’s an integral part of her acting profession.

Even the film ‘Paruthiveeran’ for which she won the national award for best actress a few years back featured a ‘harsh’ and lengthy rape sequence at the climax. A couple of years ago, Priya donned a single-piece bikini in a Telugu film titled ‘Drona’, which paved the way for the film becoming a super-hit. Her glamourous avatars in Tamil, though, are not helping her in delivering a hit.

In her upcoming Telugu film ‘Raaj’, Priyamani has reported locked lips with hero Sumanth, which is already raising controversy. Replying to all these, Priyamani says that she didn’t have any second thoughts about performing the lip-lock with Sumanth on-screen.

“I was told by director Aadithya as well as Sumant that the (kissing) sequence was ‘essential’ for the script. I, therefore, did it with as much involvement as I would display in any other sequence. Kissing, after all, isn’t an ugly thing at all. In our country and in films, it is being made a big issue. It’s an integral part of the acting profession.

“It was filmed in an aesthetic manner sans any vulgarity. As and when the script demands so, it’s not wrong on the part of the artiste to go ahead and do so,” concludes Priyamani.



  1. Aravind

    A very talented actress joined the skin show competition and got spolied…just feeling pity for her…….

  2. bebo

    always priyamani speaks too much even sridevi who was dream gal for decades wudnt have spoken for her success in all languages.. but eva pesi pesi urupadama po pora..

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