Locking lips on-screen not a big deal,claims Ramya Nambeesan

Ramya Nambeesan

Ramya Nambeesan had a reasonably successful film in ‘Kullanari Koottam’ opposite Vishnu and made by director Suseendhiran a few months back. Despite the film’s deft handling of the director and its success at the box-office, she didn’t find any offers coming her way from Kollywood producers and directors and obviously shifted her focus to native Kerala’s Malayalam film industry.

She is presently starring in the film ‘Chappa Kurisu’ opposite veteran director Fazil’s son. Reports say that she has done a ‘hot’ lip-lock with Jr. Fazil for a sequence in the film. The ‘kiss’ has obviously been reportedly widely in the Malayalam and Tamil press. Reacting to the smooch, Ramya says, “An actress, who takes on a script after listening to it completely, is supposed to do everything required to make her role convincing enough.

“I did just that in Chappa Kurisu. Fazil told me that this particular sequence was very essential in the context of the film as it reveals all the ‘hidden feelings’ the hero and heroine have for each other. As such, I went ahead and did it. I’m baffled that a big ‘hue and cry’ is being made about this sequence, which isn’t there for the purpose of exciting the audience.

“Doesn’t lovers exchange kiss ever so casually? When the same thing is shown in cinema, the media and others get mighty excited and blow it out of proportion. My policy is that I wouldn’t shy away from doing a particular sequence when I’m convinced that it’s part of the script and is essential in the overall context of the film.

“I have a couple of projects in Malayalam and have committed myself to star in two Kannada movies too. As and when any Tamil filmmaker approaches me with a good project, I would take it on provided time permits,” signs off Ramya.



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