Lekha Washington’s shy to approach producers

Lekha Washington

Lekha Washington has expressed that she is too shy to approach producers for filmy offers.

Also she is on a silent spree these days. The reason is her switching platform to acting and her desire to carve a niche for herself in the industry.

As far as I am concerned, it is very immodest to talk about myself. Rather my work should speak on behalf of me. So I am maintaining silence and keeping myself busy by acting in films,” she says.

Saying she had never approached a filmmaker and expressed her interest to do a role, Lekha says, “I am too shy for that. And I am not that desperate. I want top directors to notice my work and keep offering me good roles.”

The ‘Jayam Kondaan’ actress, who entered Bollywood with ‘Peter Gaaya Kaam Se’, is currently acting in a Telugu and Kannada film. In Tamil, she plays the lead role in ‘Quarter Cutting’ (title subjected to change), a movie by Pushkar-Gayatri of ‘Oram Po’ fame.



  1. Anonymous

    she is beautiful..

    anon…she said she is "SHY"…she didn't say "i am too good to go to the directors" there is a difference.

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