Lekha Washington, turns 19 year Old in Quarter Cutting

The 26 Year old Lekha Washington is getting younger day by day, so to say. The Anchor turned actress, who played Vinay’s younger sister in ‘Jayam Kondaan’, will now play a 19-year-old girl in ‘Quarter Cutting’, a film directed by Pushkar-Gayathri of ‘Oram Po’ fame.

On the film, Lekha says, “It is an out and out fun movie which revolves around three characters- Shiva, Charan and me. Directors Pushkar and Gayathri have crafted a rollicking script which has loads of laughter.”

Saying she is no more interested in compering TV shows, Lekha says, “My dreams are big. People may not take me seriously if I go back to television anchoring. I want to make it big as an actress in films.”

Lekha, who informs that her Hindi venture ‘Peter Gaya Kaam Se’ would hit the screens this summer, has signed three films now, a Telugu film titled ‘Vedam’, a Kannada movie named ‘Thunta Thunti’ and ‘Quarter Cutting’

Quater Cutting will have RJ Shiva meet the VJ Lekha……


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